Kids Birthday Party = Fun For Grown Ups

My kids were invited to a birthday party and because the mom is a friend of mine, I stayed to help. We realized pretty quickly that there is a benefit of our kids getting older…unless they need food or drink, they will pretty much spend the whole time playing with dolls or jumping on the outdoor trampoline.

IMG_00002587      IMG_00002598

This meant that the grown ups were able to have some fun in the kitchen. We made mini pizzas for each of the kids and one big pizza for the three grown ups. We had leftover pizza dough and the mom of the birthday girl had a great idea: garlic knots! We melted butter with garlic powder and salt, rolled out little “worms” of the pizza dough, rolled them into the melted butter, wrapped them into knots, and voila!


Put the knots in the oven with our grown up pizza…


About 40 mins later, the pizza and knots were done.

IMG_00002609      IMG_00002610


Yummy! My daughter who is a very picky eater if there’s any kind of spice even loved the knots! I think next time, we might try adding some parsley, rosemary or dill, and sprinkling parmesan on it.


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