Buggered Wrist AGAIN!

If you Like me on Facebook, you’ll know a couple of weeks ago that my right wrist started hurting again. After about a week, it got so painful I felt so nauseous that I pulled my splint out from fracturing it last year and have been wearing it for more than two weeks. My daughter had a dr’s appt already scheduled the following day so I asked them to look at it and they sent me off for an xray.


Honestly, I thought I had  fractured it again, and was surprised to hear a couple of days later that I hadn’t, so they scheduled an ultrasound for me (have I mentioned how much I LOVE being in Canada?!! Free healthcare!). Didn’t like that it was scheduled for 3 weeks later but the pain had reduced to just sore with wearing my splint and Advil for pain management.


My man had a chiropractor appt this morning. I went with him and ended up being adjusted as well. My chiropractor felt around in my wrist and found the pain part where frankly, I felt like belting him one because it hurt so much. He took out an instrument that I became very familiar with last year when I fractured my wrist and I know it’s painful…but helps so much!


He adjusted it in a few different places…tears in my eyes from the momentary pain, but then it started feeling better. Of course my man was snapping photos the whole time. 😉


As it turns out, I dislocated a bone just under  my thumb. My chiropractor knows our family so he immediately asked if that was the hand I controlled my son with. Yup. So, we can chalk this up to the ever-increasing list of Autism-related injuries. Not the first and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

4 thoughts on “Buggered Wrist AGAIN!

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