#BackToSchool for my Daughter


My daughter started Grade 3 today! Because it is a new school for her, I took her for a tour last week, meeting her new Principal and her new teacher. We spent some time in her classroom and the computer room. Her desk hadn’t been assigned yet but she loved her classroom, especially the reading area. She and her teacher bonded over both liking math. The tour was a success and she was excited to go to school! And yet she still had a really rough night last night, in anticipation. Her Anxiety Disorder was NOT being kind to her.

As it turns out, the biggest concern she had is that the school will lose my phone number if she needs to get ahold of me. I reminded her that one of my cards is in her backpack, and assured her that the school also has my number. I explained to her that they don’t just keep parents’ phone numbers on a little scrap of paper. They keep it in file folders along with all other information for her, and also in their computer. That seemed to help her a bit.

When my son finishes IBI therapy later this school year, he’ll be full time at the same school. It’s the first time since Senior Kindergarten the kids have been at the same school…which means one set of paperwork for me to manage and keep track of (woohoo!). During our tour of the school, we showed my daughter where her brother’s classroom is in relation to her class.

It was wonderful for my daughter to declare “Today was the best day EVER!” when she got home after school.

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