Introducing Our New #Family Member

What happens when a dog person has kids, her dog passes away, eventually she gets divorced, moves a few times before finding our hopefully “forever home”? Well, she gets a cat. This is “MJ”. Stands for “Mary Jane”, named after Spiderman’s girlfriend.


MJ rules our home. My man even jokes that she’s more of a dog than she is a cat.  She does her “cat job” of leaving any unwanted guests at our front door for me to dispose of somewhere outside. Sometimes, she even cautiously goes outside to try to find these unwanted guests, but never goes far. Each time she’s done this, she comes back, meows at me, and we go back inside.

A few months ago, one of my neighbours rescued a polydactyl cat. She was all excited when she told me. I looked at her like she had three heads. Even though I have a cat, I still am a dog person. My mom breeds Golden Retrievers for crying out loud! What on earth is a polydactyl cat? Sounds contagious! 😉 Turns out it meant that she had more toes than normal. A month or so passes, and my neighbour realizes her newly rescued cat is pregnant. Within a week, the kittens have arrived. ALL except one are also polydactyls. I’m in love!

When the kids and I decided to get one, my daughter and step-daughter spent about an hour googling cat names, trying to come up with something appropriate for our little polydactyl. (It was REALLY cute watching them argue over some names!) Some were very “human” names. Some were ones that would need explanation whenever telling people the cat’s name. I went to see our new kitten a couple weeks after he was born and “knew” what his name was. So, here’s the newest member of our family … “Patches”.

1170694_618792968160469_1026007727_n               1185575_618795738160192_472605465_n

And his SEVEN toes on one paw:

1150989_618796634826769_863817069_nHow can a kitten get any cuter? So I believe our family is complete with two cats and a fish. Welcome home Patches!

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