For the love of feta, steak and bacon

First day after finishing my week-long detox and I thoroughly enjoyed my chai today, and then my man made me a fantastic “you made it through you’re detox” meal. Started out on the BBQ:


If you Like me on Facebook, you’ll know that while he was cooking it, I was on Facebook on my cell, and his cell phone beeped. He then said jokingly “if that’s you beeping me while I’m making dinner, I’m kicking your ass, woman!”, followed by him “serving” me this:


Smartass! Give me the meat!

That’s better…for the love of feta and bacon-wrapped steak! He of course had to take a picture of me about to eat my congratulatory meal, and yes, I’m sitting cross-legged on the couch:


Horrible picture but I wasn’t going to stay still for long. He was keeping me from bacon-wrapped steak! I couldn’t finish the whole plate BUT, you’ll notice that the feta, bacon and steak are all gone. 😉


Steak-induced food coma…mmmm….


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