Summer #Detox – Recap of Day 7 – Final Day!

Today is my final day on Hello to Healthy‘s Summer Detox. The smoothies have been delicious! My last morning smoothie is mango:

1004923_609935359046230_571954887_n      1095106_609935322379567_1249270405_n

I had leftovers for lunch today, and snacks of carrots and spicy hummus. My man took over for dinner again…and although it didn’t follow the menus provided for the detox, followed all the rules, and was as delicious as it looks:


I will be keeping some of the recipes as ones to refer to often, especially having rediscovered the yumminess that is eggplant! 😉

I’ll be honest and say that, with our lifestyle, and my kids’ sensory issues, eating vegan food is not one I can maintain. I feel like I spent most of my time cooking, was often hungry, went through the headaches and bloating (tmi?) that the program “warns” of, and missed my usual comfort foods (especially on Saturday when I attended a funeral and therefore had a very emotional day), but I’m glad I did it. It was really a test of willpower, but I also rediscovered my enjoyment of cooking. When the kids were at their dad’s, I was able to spend Sunday cooking some of the recipes, and with being able to use so many fresh ingredients between my garden and my mom’s, it was that much yummier!

Now to monitor how I feel as I reintroduce my regular foods back…wish me luck!


Follow my journey here:

Anneka gave me the tools, shakes and supplements to fully implement her Summer Detox

in exchange for writing about my experience.

If you are interested in her Summer Detox and/or her consulting services,

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