Summer #Detox – Recap of Day 6

Today, I started with using each of the fruit from my frozen blend:

548950_609415225764910_1025545680_n      534231_609414912431608_908041087_n

I decided to make the cleansing salad again for lunch, adding apple and fresh mint this time (one of the options suggested in the recipe):


The great thing about this salad was that the apple was the only ingredient this time from the store. The cucumber and mint were from my garden; the beets and carrots were from my mom’s garden…with some really funky carrots!


My man’s friends joined us for dinner…so of course I received a lot of teasing about not being a “good hunter” for being on this detox. I’ll admit that I was VERY tempted to eat the spaghetti my man was making…it smelt sssoooo good. The next thing I knew, my man put this down in front of me. Look at how TALL it is!!

1002166_609449519094814_1615606910_n      548945_609449362428163_1561211498_n

The guys stopped teasing me when they saw that! I couldn’t even finish it all…here’s the “carnage”:


One more day to go…and then I think I have a steak calling my name…sorry Anneka, but I miss meat! 😉

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