Summer #Detox – Recap of Day 1

My first day on the Summer Detox was a yummy day, and also an eye-opening day too.  Started out with hot water and lemon as soon as I woke up. It was strange to have a clear liquid instead of my chai, which is made solely with milk. I thought it would be too bitter first thing in the morning, but after a couple of sips, it was ok. Then was a yummy fruit (banana, strawberry and frozen watermelon) and vanilla smoothie, using these ingredients:

1012442_607327065973726_1534761389_n    which turned into smoothie yumminess:


Lunch was a “cleansing salad”. Interesting to have all the veggies grated, and again, yummy!


I needed “something” else with the salad so I took a look at the list of snacks and decided to make the potato wedges. The recipe actually called for sweet potatoes but I only had regular potatoes in the fridge. Yummy!


Then mid-afternoon hit, and so did my first craving…I wanted my chai!  Anneka had suggested I try a different herbal tea to help satisfy that craving so I looked in my basket of herbal teas and chose a blueberry flavoured one. Steeped that, put it in a travel mug, and the kids and I were off to the park. When we got home, I was starving! Baby carrots and humus held me over enough to made dinner for the kids, and my dinner which, although I’m used to more sauce on my stir-fry, again it was yummy.


The eye-opening experience though for me was to discover that my cravings throughout the day seemed to be more related to our routine. Mid-afternoon is when I usually have my 2nd chai of the day. I also usually have something for dessert after dinner and was looking around the kitchen trying to figure out if I have anything that is “acceptable” for an after dinner dessert that would satisfy my craving. Nothing. So I went with another herbal tea.


So, I survived Day 1. Today is Day 2. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Summer #Detox – Recap of Day 1

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