Starting My First Summer #Detox


Anneka Street, from Hello to Healthy, is a New York-based nutrition and health counselor, and asked me to review her Summer Detox program. (The fact that she’s my cousin just makes her that much more awesome…not that I’m biased or anything!) She had no idea that the day she asked me, I had had 3 random conversations within 48 hours about detoxes and cleanses, so I figured it was “destined” for me to try this. For the record, I have never done a detox or cleanse of any kind. I didn’t even have potential allergies as a kid so never even had to do an elimination diet or anything similar. My knowledge of detoxes meant replacing food with some horribly disgusting drink of some kind. Doesn’t sound attractive.

Anneka assured me her program wasn’t that. It’s more about replacing current foods with healthier ones. I also told her that I’m NOT a cook…and why would I need to be? My man is half italian, and it shows in his cooking! Also, my cooking is completely ruled by my kids’ sensory issues. My son will (for the most part) only eat foods in certain shapes, preferably round, and he loves spice. My daughter however, can’t stand any kind of spice…she even complains her nose is burning if I’m eating pasta and veggies with lemon pepper! Needless to say, every meal is a juggling act to find something each of us will eat. So, other than the bowls of fruit and veggie sticks with humus, my kids won’t eat anything in this detox…but oh my! The recipes look really ggooooddd! I’m almost looking forward to eating the meals…but don’t tell anyone. :p

There’s a mini questionnaire to start the detox:

1.  What are your top three goals for the detox

  • reboot my system to reach for healthier choices
  • get rid of my I’m-falling-asleep-standing-up mid afternoon crash
  • lose weight

2.  Do you have any food/drink cravings or addictions (ie: caffeine, alcohol, sugar, wheat, etc)

  • chai, chai and more chai!!
  • salt…especially in the form of chips

3.  What will be your biggest challenge during the detox?

  • I’m an emotional eater…if I’m stressed / bored / tired / sad / etc, I reach for food.
  • Not having my daily chai. It’s my form of “me time” each day that recentres me. Anneka suggested I get a new herbal tea to enjoy instead of my chai made completely with milk. Her preference is licorice. Sounds interesting…and I hope it doesn’t make me crave Twizzlers, like a certain time of the month does. 😉
  • Time. For the first half of the detox, my kids are at home, during summer break. Thankfully though, all the recipes suggest making bigger batches of the base (ie: brown rice) so it’s faster for subsequent meals.
  • It asks that you not eat after 7pm (8pm at the latest). Because of my kids’ schedules and food intake/preferences, I usually eat my dinner after my son goes to bed around 8pm. If I’m eating earlier though, it will hopefully motivate me to get to bed earlier…otherwise, I’ll need to eat more when I’m hungry again in a few hours. 😉

4.  What do you look forward to during the detox?

  • Hopefully rebooting my system to reduce food cravings…especially at a certain time of the month. My food cravings then are really out of control now!
  • Getting back into the routine of cooking and eating “real” food instead of eating what my kids will eat. I don’t have sensory issues. Food is awesome!

5.  How do you plan to change your diet and lifestyle after the detox?

  • I plan to reincorporate some of the stress-reduction suggestions offered for success in this detox: turn off electronics, exercise, meditate, journal writing, etc. I’ve gotten out of the habit of these activities, and want/need to start again. I have very physical reactions to stress (panic attacks, gallstones, former high blood pressure, etc) so I need to always be working at reducing stress in my life. Not easy. Especially with my kids’ special needs.

So basically, I’m hoping this detox will reboot me back to when I used to meal plan, exercise, write in my journal, etc. Hopefully when my kids see me doing it, they will want to join me too.

Stay tuned each day as I blog about my experience with this Summer Detox, and if you want “current” updates, Like me on Facebook…as I think / feel cravings, I’ll be posting them there. 😉

Anneka gave me the tools, shakes and supplements to fully implement her Summer Detox

in exchange for writing about my experience.

If you are interested in her Summer Detox and/or her consulting services,

please contact her at

4 thoughts on “Starting My First Summer #Detox

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  2. Diets, detoxes, healthy eating. The summer is probably the best time to do any of these things, because your body already doesn’t need as much food in the summer to sustain itself.

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