Good Job! (#PTPA #Blogaholics Post)

(Originally posted on PTPA Blogaholics)

water spill

My son was doing his circuits around the middle of our home the other day, which is often normal in a home with Autism. Sometimes, it lasts 5 minutes, sometimes it could last an hour with some minor stops along the way (where I might try to grab a kiss and a hug of course!). This time, he had worked up quite a sweat and asked for water. I got him a cup of water with ice cubes which of course became toys. He started touching the ice cubes and sprinkling the water onto the floor to make designs.

My daughter asked for some water too so I went to get her some and I heard my son say something from the living room but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I went to the living room, and he was asking for a towel. I got it for him and …

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