#Mother-#Son Movie Time

When my kids were at their dad’s for the full week last week (first of 4 full weeks over the summer), they both came back for mid-week visits; my daughter came back on Tuesday and my son on Wednesday for overnights.


One of my son’s favourite movies when he was younger was Monsters, Inc. Every time he saw an ad on TV for Monsters University, he got REALLY excited while staring at the screen (it’s hard to do but he has Autism superpowers that can make that happen). So, when he came back home on the Wednesday, I took him to see Monsters University.


He did AWESOME in the movie theatre! We found seats at the front of the big aisle that splits the front set of seats with the rest, where there were only two seats together. I had brought a little blanket in case the air conditioning was too much. He used his headphones, although I didn’t find the movie to be as loud as other ones…I’m thinking they turned the volume down a bit since it’s a kids movie. Throughout the movie, he went from his seat to my lap to sitting on the floor to lying on the floor. I didn’t care that he would lie on the floor…he wasn’t taking off and running all over the theatre – yay!


At one point in the movie, Sulley was sad about something and my son started saying “Sully happy please” (the two people behind us chuckled), then a bit louder “Sulley happy please” (some more people chuckled), and finally he almost yelled “Sulley happy please!” and most of the theatre laughed. It was an awesome moment.


At the end of the movie, we stayed to watch the credits as that’s actually my son’s favourite part of any movie. He ran over to the opposite side of the theatre and sat on the steps to watch. People were filing out but it didn’t matter. He was happy and that’s all I care about.


And what was really cool was that probably only a few people sitting near us might have figured out that he has Autism because they may have seen the stimming during the movie. The rest of the theatre just saw a mom and her son going to a movie. 🙂


3 thoughts on “#Mother-#Son Movie Time

  1. That’s awesome!! I found your blog on the Wondermoms link-up on Facebook. I have 7yo twins as well and one of them has autism. She just had a successful movie experience with camp this week. We have also done some of the movies with autism ontario, which I find less stressful. I also have a 9 yo on the spectrum. Nice to meet you!

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