#Guelph Workshop – Managing “The Look” (#Autism)


Our kids meltdown. They stim. They headbang. They turn at the drop of the hat. And they do it at home AND in public. These behaviours are much harder to manage when they occur in public, and the key is YOU. Your inner calm and strength goes a long way in helping your child calm and how others react.


In an hour-long chat, learn some tools to calm your mind, how to take some “me time”, and what to say when you receive “the look” from parents who don’t understand.  This is a building block to help you find your inner calm and inner strength, which will allow you to manage “the look”.



When:  Tuesday, June 25, 12noon – 1pm

Where: Autism Behavioural Services, 251-259 Woodlawn Rd W, Guelph, ON

Cost:   $25, payable by cheque or electronic funds transfer

Snacks and drinks will be provided



Email: Meghan  imamomtoo (dot) meghan (at) gmail.com


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