Wordless Wednesday – OK, Maybe Not Too “Wordless”

My man has been part of the Society for Creative Anachronisms for about a billion years. My stepdaughter asked about 6 months ago if she could join us sometime. Finally an event happened that was relatively close to home so she joined us, and loved it! She’s a huge history buff so I wasn’t surprised. Here’s a pic of the three of us, after my man had been fighting in the tournament all day. It was a tad chilly that day, hence she’s all wrapped up in a cloak.


And this is her squishing my head: 😉


I taught her archery, then my man came over in between his fights in the tourney and taught her properly – I had no idea how to teach someone, whereas he taught someone a few years ago who was blind how to shoot. She did awesome!! She’s the one in brown (it warmed up later in the day so she was able to ditch the red cloak from above); I’m in blue:

R946196_568405153199251_171582826_n  M393053_568404736532626_328366248_n

We had such an awesome day…she’s really excited to join us again. I’m so blessed to still have such a great relationship with her, despite being divorced from her father.


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