Starting our #Garden / #VeggiePatch

This past weekend was a long weekend in Canada, celebrating Victoria Day. My man and I had an event to attend on Saturday so the kids were at their dad’s on a non-regular access weekend. On Sunday, I took advantage of the kids being gone and my man working a wedding, so I got down and dirty in the garden. This is the first full summer in our new home and the previous owner had done nothing in the garden for decades, literally. Last summer, a friend of a friend beat and sliced his way through the jungle, clearing out all the greenery and rose bushes that attacked him (ouch!). This summer, I’m starting a raised veggie patch.

Area before I started:



Insert wooden borders that were leftover from when an old fence was removed from the property…and 24 of these:


And, voila!



The only thing that was frustrating was that there wasn’t enough pressure in my rain barrel to get water from it, so I’ll have to figure that one out. Also went with the BFF yesterday to pick up some more plants that I haven’t started seedlings for already…and look what ended up sprouting amongst my plants: the rare Starbucks flower. This order was DEFINITELY mine! 😉


Can’t wait to get out there to plant our seedlings with the kids this week!


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