#Opti-mom Lead a Faery Walk

Last month, Opti-mom organized a Faery Walk for some moms and daughters over March Break. Some of the girls dressed up as faeries so we were quite the sight as we were walking around a local conservation area. Our “goal” was to find evidence of faeries and much to our delight, we found them!

Possible faery homes:

63429_10151328714977282_295386925_n               544221_10151328714822282_477874603_n              539725_10151328715117282_1727622347_n

Feeding the birds at the beginning of our walk:

532015_10151328713137282_1191219462_n               524453_10151328713562282_1508410131_n (apparently I was deep in thought, and for the record, that’s not my arm)

IMG04946-20130313-1013           IMG04945-20130313-1010

Opti-mom hugging a tree, so my daughter joined her:


Possible cape left behind by a faery:


Possible table used by faeries:


Near the end of our walk, one of the girls squealed with glee…this is obviously evidence of faeries:


Afterwards, my daughter asked me if “Auntie Laurel” (aka Opti-mom) could lead another Faery Walk…we’ve decided to do one in each season. So much fun!


3 thoughts on “#Opti-mom Lead a Faery Walk

    • We had a great time, and near the end of our walk, it started snowing. My daughter believed that it was the weather faeries making it snow. 🙂

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