The Most Important Part of a Parenting Plan is YOU (#AutismParentingMagazine)

I’m happy to be writing for a relatively new online magazine called Autism Parenting Magazine. They publish on iPad newstands, and soon will be available on Kindle and Android. This month’s magazine theme is “all things related to therapy”.  My article:

I attended the local monthly autism support group this week. Normally, there has been two or three families but this week, there were nine different families; some of us who have been on the journey for a while, and two who just received diagnosis (last month!), and one who has been fighting for diagnosis for seven years (SEVEN YEARS!!) and is still fighting. There were lots of tears. Tears of being overwhelmed by the “newbies”; tears of understanding from us “veterans.”

One of the newbies is a grandmother to the little one who has been diagnosed. She has been a superstar and went through everything to get diagnosis for her grandson, while her daughter (the child’s mother) is still in denial that there’s anything “wrong” with her son. The child lives with his mom, and grandmother is very involved. Superstar grandmother!
While shedding tears, grandmother confided in the group that she’s worried about doing something “wrong” with her grandson but she refuses to keep him hidden from the world. He still needs to experience everything…grocery shopping, park, playing with other kids, etc. She asked the group what the best thing is to help support her grandson. I spoke up…love him, and get support for yourself, too.

As parents (grandparents/caregivers), we are so good at searching out for the newest and “best” therapies, tools and strategies for our children. I argue there’s something different we need to ensure is in place in all parenting plans for all parents’ of kids with special needs: Look after yourself too!

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2 thoughts on “The Most Important Part of a Parenting Plan is YOU (#AutismParentingMagazine)

  1. Who takes care of the kids? In places like the United Kingdom, grandparents are playing an important role in childcare. A recent study reports that almost one in five British grandmothers spend at least 10 hours a week in charge of their grandchildren.

    • Some families are fortunate enough here in Canada where the grandparents do play an active and almost daily role with their grandparents. My parents live too far away for that to happen for my kids unfortunately, but we have a great network of friends/”aunts” who help. 🙂

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