Positive Body Image

I had the honour of speaking at #MomsMeTimeTO conference on Friday (I’ll blog about that later), and then I came across this sticker on Facebook today: (sorry so big but it’s the only way to see all the steps)

Positive Body Image

So, I thought I would share this picture that was taken of me (being 5’10” and wearing 3″ heels, which put me at 6’1″) and one of the fabulous attendees, Christine from Life On Manitoulin:

Funniest pic ever


Our huge smiles show how funny we thought this was and it sure puts across that we’re both pretty comfortable in our own skins. We both shared the photo on our personal Facebooks, our Pages and now our blogs…with the caption “Funniest picture ever”.


Sure, I would like to lose 5 or 10lbs (don’t we all?) but at the end of the day, I don’t do anything to achieve that so it obviously isn’t a priority for me….and I don’t guilt myself about it. I’m tall and embrace it (I’ll admit that it’s easier now that I’m with someone who is 6’3″, compared to my ex-husband who is 2″ shorter than me). Mind you, being a natural redhead gives me a lot of confidence. 😉


4 thoughts on “Positive Body Image

  1. Oh, I love this photo! It makes me smile! I knew you were tall, but didn’t realize how tall until I stood next to you! Thanks for the laughs! Hope our paths cross again someday soon!

  2. I wish I had your height!!! 🙂 I totally look like a hobbit next to you 🙂 Kidding. I don’t mind being vertically challenged 😉 It’s not that bad! LOL xoxox

    This said, it would be nice to be a tad taller! Ha!

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