30 Days of Pictures of #Autism – Day 4

My man and my best friend decided to team up and send me to buy a new outfit to wear tomorrow at the presentation I’m making at a conference. My man provided the “means” and childcare, while my best friend provided the guidance, and frankly kept me from running out of the store screaming. I HATE shopping, especially clothing shopping for myself, and even worse, clothing shopping for myself at full retail price…no sales in sight. Ugh!


I was even given specific instructions from my man to go out and focus on getting something for ME for a couple of hours, not on my kids, and “take a break” from Autism. Alas, look what my best friend and I found at Build-A-Bear:


So honey, looks like I couldn’t “take a break” from Autism, but I did get a lovely outfit. 😉


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