Disconnect Between Logic and Emotions (#Autism)

Logic vs emotion 

I haven’t posted much this week. Was a bit busier than usual but honestly, it’s been an emotional week…one where I’m still wrestling with logic vs emotions, trying to see the positive side of things. We received the report from my son’s assessments when he started IBI therapy at this location (after we moved last summer).


Because of staffing issues, the meeting for the report was 5 months after the assessments were done. These assessments are done every 6 months so you would think I would be ready for them each time, but at the end of the day, I’m not. I go into a bit of an emotional turmoil each and every time. See, these assessments compare my wonderful and amazing son to neurotypical kids of the same age.


I made the choice a long time ago to focus on the positive side of things…what my son can do, the humour of it all, and recognize how hard he works to do the things that come easily to other kids: sitting down for longer than 30 seconds, finally being potty trained at 7 years old, knowing what to do at the park, sleeping through the night, and the biggest of all…finally learning how and when to talk! He overcomes so much to be able to do these things that it’s a party around here whenever he masters a new task!


On the tough days, when Autism seems to take over, I try to stay on the logical side of my brain…looking at how I can support his IBI programming, manage his surroundings, minimize external over-stimulus, etc. So, when I get reminded with these assessments that on average, he’s about 5 years developmentally behind from other children his age, and despite having a twin sister who doesn’t have an ASD diagnosis, it’s really hard to manage my own emotions around this reality. I have a hard time managing the emotions vs the logic of it.


All I can say is that it’s a good thing I have a counseling appointment booked for next week! 😉


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