Dumped My Purse

Kelley’s Breakroom has a feature on her Facebook Page where people “Dump their purse“. It’s exactly what it sounds like: dump the contents of your purse, take a picture, and then of course the next step is to clean it out before putting everything back, but that last part is left out of the feature on her Page. 😉


So, I dumped my purse for her:

Purse dump

I’m honoured by her comments about who I am and my blog (and her wonder if my home is as neat as my purse…blush!):

Today I’m A Mom Too has dumped her purse! Meghan is a single mom of 7-year-old twins- one boy and one girl. One of her kids has autism. She writes great stories about her kids that will bring a smile to your face. As for her purse, it brings a smile to my face and then a frown, because I realize mine is not as neat as hers at all. My sons would LOVE that loose change she’s got going on in there. She is well prepared, right? I wonder if her house is as neat as her purse? After you stare in awe of her stuff, go give her a like on Facebook. I know she’d love to see you! Thanks, Meghan!


I didn’t think my purse was that neat but apparently it is. I’m surprised Kelley didn’t mention that there’s a half-eaten Christmas candycane, plus I’m so Canadian…the small white bottle is lock de-icer for my car locks. It may officially be spring here but the forecast is supposed to be a low of -3 degrees Celsius today.


For the record, the green case is for my reading glasses…that I’ve worn since I was 16. They were BIFOCALS back then because I couldn’t see the blackboard through my prescription. Schmexy! No more bifocals thanks to advances in eyewear technology over the last few decades to make frames smaller…and not needing to look at a blackboard anymore. 😉


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