Brother-Sister Cuteness


My son recently has been saying “happy!” trying to ensure my daughter and I are happy…all the time, in the cutest way! If he thinks either of us are sad, he simply says “Happy”. If we don’t tell him that we are happy, or look happy after that, he says “Happy please.” If that doesn’t work, he’ll say “Mommy happy please” and give me a huge smile. His smile just lights up the room!

Yesterday my daughter was home from school because she wasn’t feeling well. In the evening, she was looking very unhappy because the tylenol I had given her had run out. Poor thing. My son noticed, went over and told her “Happy”. She couldn’t even fake it. So he said “Happy please” and then leaned over and gave her a kiss to help her feel better. I also gave her the next dose of tylenol.

Shortly thereafter, my daughter mentioned that she was starting to feel a bit better. I told her that was good, and that the tylenol must have started working. She said it was getting a kiss from her brother.

So much cuteness!!


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