My Valentine’s Day Dinner – #Bacon

My man and I don’t “do” Valentine’s Day, but someone mentioned bacon roses a few weeks ago so I actually made a request for Valentine’s Day for them because I wasn’t able to partake in his test attempt a number of months ago. Being the non-fussy, non-Valentine’s Day type couple we are (and after the crazy weekend we had, which included having to decide to stay in a hotel overnight until the roads were cleared from the snow dump of about 6″ in a couple of hours), bacon roses were made on Family Day (Feb 18).


So, my man started prepping them (sorry vegetarians!):


Apparently half a dozen bacon roses weren’t enough:


Final product, with side salad:



Yummy!! And just to be fair, even though we don’t “do” Valentine’s Day, I made him some banana bread.

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