Trip Down Memory Lane

Memory lane

Some girlfriends of mine (from IRL) posted these prompts on their Facebooks and were supposed to give whomever commented an age to fill in the prompts. I used age 20 as that was the age they all started with, I was given 26 as my age to write about, and then added my current age range.  Just some silliness for a Monday.

At age 20

I dated:  Steve
I drove:  Nothing. Got around by bus or walking.
I worked:  Part time at a medical non-profit, while going to university full time.
Feared:  Failure
Wanted to be:  A fundraiser.

At age 26

I dated:  My soon-to-be husband
I drove:  A 4-door Honda Civic…miss that car!
I worked:  Full time at a medical non-profit
Feared:  Failure
Wanted to be:  A fundraiser, which I was so all was good.

Now, in my late 30s

I date:  My wonderful man, and am happily divorced.
I drive:  A schmexy green station wagon.
I work:  Full time SAHM, Autism advocate, and am a blogger too.
I fear:  Someone hurting my kids, something happening to me so I can’t look after my children, letting my children down, not being able to support them in achieving whatever goals they have in life.
Want to be:  Happy

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