Birth Story Will Trump Child’s Rebellious Stage


An amazing story in the news this morning and frankly, women who give birth are amazing: a lady gave birth on the side of Canada’s busiest highway…Hwy 401. So many amazing things with this brief news story. She pulled over on the side of a probably 10 lane (at least 8 lanes at that point anyway) highway, lay down a blanket and gave birth.


Police arrived first and they had to improvise to tie off the umbilical cord by using crime scene tape!


Oh, and did I mention that we’re in a cold weather alert here in Southern Ontario?  With windchill right now, we’re experiencing around -20 degrees Celsius!


Can you imagine what this mom will say when this daughter goes through the rebellious stage in her teens?! “I gave birth to you on the side of the highway, in -20 degrees!” I think that trumps any rebellion she might go through. 😉


What’s your birth story? Mine is one that people hate: I didn’t know I was in labour. Had an appointment at my obgyn that day (weekly if you get to 30 weeks with twins), she checked me, discovered I was having a contraction while she was checking me and I was already 5cm. I had no idea. Didn’t feel anything until right before “the needle” came into the room, around 8cm. There were two jacuzzis in the labour and delivery department of the hospital I gave birth in and waited while one of them was cleaned (the woman had moved to recovery) because I didn’t feel any contractions. Three other women came in, in obvious distress and were taken to other rooms. I was calm and just waited. I figured that I was giving birth to twins so I deserved a jacuzzi. 😉


My (then) hubby and my stepdaughter kept asking me if I was ok, if I needed anything, etc. I’m sure they were expecting me to be in a lot of pain, but I wasn’t. A few hours later, I told my (then) hubby to “go get someone because something’s happening”. That’s when I started to get uncomfortable. As it turned out, my son was crowning and they had to rush me off to the Operating Room (when you have twins, you have to give birth in an OR in case something goes wrong). Off course it was shift change in the afternoon so there was a bit of chaos. Half an hour later, my babies were here and I was blessed with being a mom to two amazing children.


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