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Last week, my daughter had her first knitting class and she LOVED it!

Until now, my kids have only attended classes or groups if they are offered by groups that can manage my son’s needs. My daughter has bugged me for years about joining swimming, gymnastics, knitting, etc classes. Each time, I would tell her that I would look into it, and hope the topic didn’t come up again. I grew up doing A LOT of extra-curricular activities: ballet, skating, soccer, band, orchestra, etc. I was never home directly after school other than to grab my skates. 😉

In reality, so many thoughts went through my head each time she asked about extra curricular activities:

  • How can I afford extra curricular activities on my single income?
  • What other costs will be needed (uniforms, team snacks, etc)?
  • Are you going to stop growing for a couple of months so we can maybe get through one season in the same pair of footwear/clothing?
  • Who can I trust with my wonderful child?

The biggest barrier though was: What will I do with my son

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