My daughter’s inspiring me…with her knitting!

With us being settled into our new home, I wanted to find some classes and programs for my kids to join. It’s a bit harder to find for my son because of his additional needs, but I continue to look. My daughter has been asking for many different types of classes…the type seems to change every week. I discovered that the Kiwanis Club has knitting classes for kids, and that they are actually offered for kids her age.


She had her first class last night and, to my wonder and surprise, she knitted a fingerless glove for herself…in 2 hours! She wants to make another one so she has a matching pair.

Picture 008





Fingerless gloves are on my “to knit” list…especially since fracturing my wrist as the cold Canadian winter that has finally hit is making the fractured spot ALWAYS freezing.


So proud of her, and she’s inspiring me that it may not be as hard as I thought it was when I read some fingerless gloves patterns.


2 thoughts on “My daughter’s inspiring me…with her knitting!

    • I’m definitely nurturing her knitting! I learnt the basic knit stitch as a kid but soon lost interest and forgot how to do it. I was dragged to a “knitting 101” class by a girlfriend and surprisingly loved it. Whenever I would knit, my daughter would pretend to knit with chopsticks! Now we can do it together, and I love it!

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