My #decluttering secret


I’ll let you in on a little secret…I ❤ Flylady! Her decluttering and cleaning system is simple and straightforward. I discovered her early on in my marriage as I was frustrated with never being able to keep up with keeping our home decluttered, let alone clean. My childhood home was magically clean all the time. My mom was and is a superstar. She spent every Saturday morning cleaning the house, before we even woke up, and because of the very hairy Golden Retrievers we had, she also brought in a cleaning lady every other week as well. Leaving home, I had no idea what to do other than what I had learned in Home Economics in Grades 7 and 8.


Although the ex hubby “supported” my want to implement the system, he would complain about Flylady’s terminology of a “Control Journal”. All the huffing meant that I just signed up for the Flylady’s emails, read them, and didn’t do much about it other than “swish and swipe” and wish I could create a Control Journal, but it just wasn’t worth the “discussions”.


After the kids were born, I did a loose version of Flylady, and felt really great when someone came over for a playdate and incredulously told me that she “hated” that my place was always tidy, and how did I do it, especially with twins. I felt great and really wanted to implement the full system, but again the term “Control Journal” was complained about.


Life got in the way, years went by, but I continued to “swish and swipe” and meal plan (which also included cooking all the meals for the week on the weekend). Then the marriage ended and the kids and I were on our own. Desperately wanted to create our Control Journal to feel like I had some type of control over life again, even went so far as to buy one to fill out, but in the head space I was in (ie: not wanting to get out of bed but had to because of the kids), I just couldn’t complete it.


Over the years, I have mentioned Flylady to dozens of people when they are mentioning not being able to keep up with house management. I’m finally in the headspace and physical space where I’m going head-on with house and family management. A couple friends of mine have recently gotten on board too, and we were really worried about losing momentum, so we started a Facebook Page, where we can comment and keep each other motivated. I also love listening to her on BlogTalkRadio:


I’m also at the end of taking a home management course that a girlfriend (who is a professional organizer) is running. It’s based on Kathy Peel’s book “The Busy Mom’s Guide to a Happy, Organized Home”. She breaks down the home into 7 departments and each one has a dedicated chapter in the book.


Being in the course has “jumpstarted” me back into the right frame of mind. It’s a slow start, but the great thing with Flylady is that she always says that your home didn’t get cluttered overnight, it’s not going to get tidied overnight either.


A link I wanted to share for those of us celebrating Christmas is a Flylady list of clutter-less gift giving

(This is not a sponsored post. I just ❤ Flylady and wanted to share the information, especially with people making New Year’s Resolutions soon, which may include getting clutter under control in your home.)


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