Even more thankful today (#Connecticut & #China)

hugs and kisses

My daughter crawled into my bed at some point overnight, which she does often…just because. I woke up to her telling me my son’s light was on. “No worries honey, just go back to sleep.” Next thing I know, she’s climbing out of bed and telling her brother “Time to go potty but quietly. Mommy’s still sleeping.” My heart was swelling. How amazing are my kids?!!


After yesterday’s travesties in Connecticut and China, I’m even more thankful that my kids are home this weekend, safe, healthy and their only concern is what time we are going to the mom’s group Christmas party we are attending today. We will also be baking after the Christmas party, decorating the house for Christmas, and cuddling up to watch movies.


These plans seem so frivolous compared to what I can only imagine the families and communities in Newton, CT and Chengping, China are going through but honestly, I don’t want my kids to know what happened. My daughter already worries so much about natural disasters so, if she knew that other kids her age were brutally sent to heaven, I think that would be too much for her.


So, we’re going to continue on with our plans for the day, and enjoy eachother’s company, while I smother them with hugs and kisses all day long. Blessings to all those affected, and peace and strength to the entire community.


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