My Ode to My Dishwasher

When I was married, my request for a dishwasher was always met with the same arguments: “dishwashers use too much water”, “dishwashers use too much energy”, etc. Whenever any female adult came to visit for the first time, she would always ask where my dishwasher was. Each and every time, my ex-husband thought I prepped them beforehand. I never did. Women notice these things!

My ex-husband was and is really big into scientific and math-based data so I thought I would try arguing my case with stats.  To give some context, at the time, my ex-husband and I were both working fulltime and we had preschool twins in daycare so there were lots of dishes every night. I actually timed how long I spent washing dishes in one week: 15 hours! 15 HOURS!! In one week!! I couldn’t quantify how much water and electricity that used but I was shocked it was 15 hours!

So, when the kids and I moved last month into a house that needed renos, which included redoing the kitchen, I really wanted a dishwasher. At one point, when I was working with the kitchen consultants, it looked like a dishwasher just wasn’t going to fit. My man stepped into the conversation at that point…a dishwasher HAD to be in this kitchen. He wanted me to get my 15 hours per week back. Gotta love that man!

So, I’d like to introduce my new pride and joy: MY DISHWASHER!  My man captured me “having a moment” with my newly installed and functional dishwasher.


4 thoughts on “My Ode to My Dishwasher

  1. 15 hours!!!!? Oh my heck, now I feel like I should time my dishwashing! We have no dishwasher, 5 eaters plus a periodic baby bottle. We never eat out, so it’s always dishes here. I feel your joy at getting a dishwasher!

    • I was shocked too. When I timed it for the week, my now-ex-husband and I were both working fulltime and our kids were both in daycare so there were lots of meal-making dishes and packing lunch containers. I think the weekends really did it because I cooked on the weekends for our meals for the week. Now, I put all the dishes in the dishwasher as I use them and when it’s full, turn it on, and be done with it. Gives me more time with the kids or to do other things for me. 🙂

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