Move day is here!


The kids and I are leaving my smalltown hometown and moving back to the city tomorrow. We’re so excited, anxious, happy, sad…so many emotions all at once, but overall, we’re happy to be going back.


It’s been a VERY long road, getting the house we are moving into ready for us, including renos, kids are registered for school, and ensuring all the programs and therapies are in place for my son, including his IBI therapy continuing in a new setting, with different therapists.


The renos have been long and involved and, although I’m tired of it all right now, it’s been a HUGE learning curve for me and I’m VERY blessed to have such amazing friends who have made my renos one of their priorities to “get us back to the city” (to quote each of them!).  There has been demolitions, plumbing, electrical, permits, discussions with the City (ugh!), purchases, priming, painting (I got to choose my own paint colours for the first time in my life!) and there’s still more to go but the kids are at their dad’s for a week starting tonight so the majority will be finished by the time they move in next Friday.


I’ll have some trim painting to do in the winter, but other than that, the kids will be moving into a “pretty” home. My daughter has asked that I leave some painting for her though when she comes over for some one-on-one time with me during the week so I’ll leave some painting for her to do.


So wish us a relatively stress-free move!

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