My Guest Post – #Autism is Nothing to be Ashamed Of

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A few years ago when I was married, we invited a number of other families over for a “get to know you” type of BBQ as we all met at a 10-week course, in the beginning of our journey of learning about Autism.  As we went from family to family, one family surprised me. They had received diagnosis within the last 6 months, and they were still trying to figure out how to tell their immediate family members. These same family members even babysat occasionally so would have obviously been familiar that there were “issues” with this family’s two boys. 

Honestly, it took almost everything I had to remain composed during this discussion. The parents were highly educated, well respected, and employed in enviable jobs.  They had the ability to understand what Autism is, and how to access programs and services to support their sons’ Autism diagnosis.  Yet, they were worried about how their family would treat their kids, and especially how they would be “labeled” at school.

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