I am finally learning…

The Bloggy Dare writing prompt I’m writing about today is “I am finally learning…”

I am finally learning the wonders of wearing yoga pants. Yup, my conversion to 100% SAHM is almost complete…I LOVE my yoga pants! I should clarify that, at this time of year where we are experiencing 30+˚Celsius weather (approx 90+˚Farenheit), plus humidity, I’m not wearing yoga pants per say, they are more like yoga capris. They truly are the easiest thing to throw on in the morning, and they are comfy all day long.  When I have meetings to attend, I will put some more effort into my clothing by wearing “respectable” capris (with heels if I’m not having to chase after the kids too) but otherwise, my morning choice is “which pair of black yoga capris am I going to wear today?”.

I realized the other morning that I ONLY have black yoga capris…no other colour, and as a result, I’m pretty much always wearing a black fitted t-shirt too. I have EIGHT black fitted t-shirts, all with different necklines and of different sizes but nevertheless, I have EIGHT of them!  People are probably starting to think I only have one outfit that I keep wearing every single day.  Ugh.

The question is, what am I going to do about it?  I could donate all my yoga capris  to get them out of my home and then they aren’t even an option in the morning, but I won’t. I could “report myself” to TLC’s What Not To Wear, but I won’t. I could buy entirely new wardrobe but, I won’t.

So, until then, I’m just going to happily wear my yoga capris. If only wearing yoga pants would motivate me to actually do yoga more often than once every couple of months… 😉



4 thoughts on “I am finally learning…

  1. I must agree! And they are wonderful to sew in! However I am still stuck in the yoga pants. You would think that I would cut them off into capris, but no, I just turn down the a/c and keep sewing! :o) Love it! By the way, Everything matches black! I pick a different color shirt each day! :o)

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