Guest post – #WeightedBlankets Rock!

A few months ago, we won a weighted blanket for my son. I’ve been chatting with the owner of the company (Jodi) and I love her story so I asked if she would like to share it on my blog so, here it is:

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I started making blankets a few years ago by accident. One of our older sons went on a missions trip to Kentucky into the Appalachian Mountains. I had just bought a new sewing machine and was trying to learn how to sew, and how to quilt. After a brief lesson, we sat down and made not one, but 50 quilted blankets. Our son called from Kentucky and said, “Mom, could you make 50 more?” And so it began.
Just this year in January, I was asked if I knew how to make a weighted blanket.  A blanket is a blanket right?  Well not quite!  Once I learned what they were, I did a lot of research into them.  I kept wondering…what good could a blanket do? (I still to this day have never seen another one in person, besides the ones I make.)  But, the realization hit me that our three special girls might benefit from them too!  The first blanket I made turned out perfect!  (Of course it did, God, once again, had His handiwork in when we were designing this pattern.)   I snuck it upstairs to our daughter’s room at midnight to put it on her for a surprise when she woke up in the morning.  To my surprise, she was awake!  She said, “I can’t sleep again, mommy.”  She saw the blanket and her eyes lit up.  I placed it on her and she said, “OH!  It feels so good!  Thanks mom!”  The next morning she told me that she had fallen right to sleep.  Every day I asked, and every day she said the same thing.  I knew then, that there was something to this!
The two blankets I was initially asked to make?  She reported back that her 18 month old was now sleeping through the night, and her 4 year old said it felt like a great big hug!  Wow, what was going on?  Others had to have these, but more importantly…others had to be able to AFFORD these.
I knew that this was what God had in store for me, this was to be my mission.  I was in bed that night and just as I was falling asleep, God gave me the name…Weight On Me.  I jumped out of bed, and our facebook page was born.  The next day as I was walking through the kitchen, He gave me the verse Isaiah 40:31 “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”
Once again, Wait On Me.  I got it.  :o)  As I Wait upon the Lord, and provide for others through this Mission, He will provide for me.  Our home philosophy has always been, if you want to get a blessing, you give a blessing.
In the first five months of production (We launched 2/1/12), we have made approximately 80 blankets that have gone from Coast to Coast across the USA in 15 states, to Canada and Australia. Some of them for a few Therapy Clinics for Autism, Sensory Processing Disorders and even Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The feedback has been overwhelming! Children are sleeping through the night. Adults with Fibromyalgia, and victims of near-fatal car accidents who live with chronic pain for years now without restful sleep, are sleeping. Autistic children are calming and sleeping. Cancer patients are relaxing, resting, sleeping. A Williams Disease child-sleeping and napping who wont let go of her favorite weighted blanket, and who just calmly sat for a coast to coast car trip for their move. Story after story warms my heart. Some send pictures for me to keep. I get so excited to see their beautiful faces. “My blanket babies!” These are not just autism blankets, they are for so many people! Anyone who needs to feel safe and secure, anyone that needs a little help with sleep, or anyone who just needs a hug once in awhile, would love – and does love a weighted blanket! 
Weighted blankets are extremely expensive through many places.  Sometimes as much as $200-$400. We try to keep our prices low so everyone can afford them.  Our custom blankets start at $59 and no size is over $93.  Our first goal is to bring blankets to children and adults that need them. We have very little and sometimes no profit margin. All profits that are made on the blankets, go right back into Weight On Me. I hope to keep things going that way as long as I can, because this is not my mission, and it’s not about me…’s about those who need it and it is about the simple things that God has put in our lives.


You can contact Jodi at, through her Facebook Page, and also her website.


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