Words My #Children Say Incorrectly

Bloggy Mom’s Blog Dare hasn’t updated writing prompts for a couple of days now so I thought I would go back and look at old ones, and have chosen: “Words my children say incorrectly”.

When the kids were younger, my daughter used to say “Whack-um” instead of “You’re welcome”.  She is missing both of her top front teeth, so there are a number of mispronounced words but even with her front teeth, she still says “fank-you” instead of “thank you”.  Now that she’s done Grade 1 in French Immersion, she surprises me with her understanding of the language and especially that when she sings to herself, it’s often in french. Total mamma pride!

My son says “straws-berry” instead of “strawberry”; and “maaa-mee” instead of “mommy”  – it’s sssooooo cute!  Honestly, because he’s just started talking on a reliable basis, I LOVE listening to anything he says!



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