It’s the Little Things

In our home, I have “my chair”.  The kids know that when I come back into the living room and they are sitting in “my chair”, that they have to move.  They can just move temporarily to just give me space to sit down, and then come back for our wonderful cuddles but I’m sitting in “my chair”.  It’s where I can block out the sounds from the kids’ programming while I read, surf the internet, write, etc.


What drove me crazy though is that so much garbage collects on the table right beside “my chair”.  When we all caught a cold a couple months ago, I put a plastic bag beside my chair to collect used Kleenex because I was too lazy to get up each time I blew my nose to throw it out.  When I got better, I realized how much I loved having a pseudo-garbage right beside my chair so I got an actual plastic garbage can and it now stays beside my chair.


It’s strange but this little garbage can makes me happy – happy that I don’t have to get up to throw things out in the kitchen or bathroom garbage cans; happy that I was so “brilliant” to finally figure out this little tidbit.  It really is the little things in life that make me happy.


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