#Autism Just Changes the Angle of Viewing the World


I saw the above quote on Facebook and it reminded me of a moms retreat I attended a couple years ago (which was fantastic…and I hope my schedule allows me to attend again).  As everywhere I go, I talk constantly about Autism and how it affects our family.  I usually receive lots of questions because I only open the discussion when it’s appropriate to do so. At some point during one of the scrumptious meals at this retreat, I responded to something that someone said with “I’m so thankful my kids are both healthy, just my son has Autism as well.”  I didn’t really think anything of the comment and continued on with my meal and the general banter. 

One of the facilitators of the retreat pulled me aside after the meal and told me how wonderful it was that I said that.  I actually had to ask her to remind me what I had said because I couldn’t remember anything in particular. 

When people ask me if my life would be better if they cured Autism, I tell them that I don’t know and honestly, I don’t care.  I’m doing what I can to help him cope with the world and become the strong, independent man I hope he will be one day. Autism isn’t my son; Autism is part of my son.  It’s how he looks at life, and how he reacts to the environment around him but it’s not who he is.  I do believe that my kids are both happy and healthy, we just have to deal with a different perception on live and the activities and situations we encounter. 



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