Superhero and Villain Party on a Budget (Guest Post)

So your kids want to be superheroes and villains.  Why not let them with the ultimate do it yourself superhero vs. villains birthday party theme.  Not only is this fun for everyone, but your kids will get a great workout and learn to play as a team.  Here are some ideas that you can use to throw your own Superheroes Vs. Villains birthday party without breaking your budget.  


Superheroes and villains need capes.  Fortunately you can go to a fabric store and find cheap white or solid colored fabric on sale.  Buy enough to be able to create a 2 or 3 foot long cape for each of the kids.  You’ll just need a rectangle for each.  While you’re there, pick up Velcro and decorating supplies like markers, glitter and glue.  

When you get home, take a paper plate or something circular and cut out a semi circle from the top of each piece of fabric.  Now take a piece of Velcro and attach it to the corners of the top of the cape where you cut out the semi circle.  Now you have your very own decorate your cape favors for the kids to take home with them.  

When the party begins, have each kid create their own superhero or villain identity and create a logo or emblem on the back of their cape.  You’ll also want each of them to write down what their special super power or ability is and keep track of it for later on in the party.  If there is enough time, you may want to let them make paper plate masks with the remaining markers and you can use elastic on each end to go around the back of their head and hold the mask in place.  


Superhero and Villain Training Academy: Every hero and villain needs to be in shape.  Villains need to be able to jump and leap as well as sneak around buildings and cities while superheroes need to be able to catch the bad guys.  Relay races are a great way to get everyone’s heart rates up and energy levels moving.  Set up a relay race where the first kids have to run a few laps around the yard then pass a baton onto the next two kids.   

The next two kids will have to roll sideways across the yard and back to pass the baton off to the next kids.  The third round will have to crab walk to one end of the yard and then spin walk back to pass it to the fourth.  Set up as many types of walking and running or crawling that you need to make sure each kid gets a turn.  The team who finished the relay race first wins the game.  

Superpower Charades or Pictionary: While the kids were picking their superhero and villain identity, you asked each what their power was.  Now it’s time for them to play charades or Pictionary as a team to guess what those powers are.  It is important to make sure that they don’t tell the kids on their own team so that the game will be an even match.   Heroes vs.

Villains Flashlight Tag: One thing that is always fun when it starts to get dark is to play Superhero vs. Villain flashlight tag.  The way it works is that you have two people who are it.  One hero and one villain.  The hero and villain each have a flashlight and are trying to catch the people on the other team before they can make it safely to their hideouts.  The two people that are it have to shine their flashlight on any of the people playing they see and yell out their hero or villain name.  If they get the name right than that person is out.  If the hero accidently shines their flashlight on another hero, that hero is out of the game.  If the villain who is it shines the flashlight on another villain, then that villain is out of the game as well.  This makes it tricky.  The last person to get caught or kicked out of the game becomes the next person whose it for the heroes and the villains.  

Superhero vs. Villains birthday parties are fun for everyone.  The kids get to use their imaginations, learn about team work and develop their social skills.  Parents love them because their kids are worn out and ready for bed when they get home.  Having a superhero and villain party can also help to make getting kids pajamas  or superhero pajamas , a gift that they will enjoy, instead of throwing over their shoulders. 

This is a guest post from Adam Reimer with

I received no compensation for this post, but I found the information fun and useful, and I hope you do too! 🙂 


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