We’re keeping the #Toothfairy busy!


The Toothfairy visited my daughter two nights ago. One of her two front top teeth came out (finally!). It has been loose for a while now and she finally let me pull it out…lots of drama. She was so worried and scared it would come out while she was sleeping, that she would lose it, that the Tooth Fairy would be upset that she lost it, etc.  It was at the stage of being sore because it was so loose, so I told her that she had a choice to either let me pull it out for a brief moment of soreness, or that she continue to have it hurt her when she was eating, brushing her teeth and even talking. I gave her 5 minutes to think about the choice, and at the end of the 5 minutes, she surprised me that she choose for me to take it out. Barely touched it, and it came out.  The tooth beside it is also loose but not “ready” to come out yet.

My son lost both of his top front teeth a couple months ago and I noticed last week that one of the grown-up teeth cut through the gums (it was the same when his teeth came in as a baby…would wake up one morning and he would have a new tooth. No crying, no fusing, nothing).  The tooth beside the tooth that has cut through is now loose, and at the annoying stage for him (poor guy). He keeps coming over to me saying “tooth please”, meaning he wants me to pull it out. I’ve tried but it’s just not “ready” yet, but will be in the next day or so.

With my daughter losing a tooth, another loose, and my son having one loose, we’re definitely keeping the Tooth Fairy busy in our home!



2 thoughts on “We’re keeping the #Toothfairy busy!

  1. ohoh- I am for sure not looking forward to this stage. It feels like they just got them in. how much (or if) does the tooth fairy bring to your kids… sounds like a profitable business at your place. lol

    • It depends on the tooth. Smaller teeth have been 50cents, top front teeth have been $1 BUT, I told my daughter that the Tooth Fairy and I “talked” for the front tooth that came out and, because she made such a big-girl decision, the Tooth Fairy thought my daughter deserved more money than the $1 so she got $2 for that tooth. (We’ll ignore the fact that I only had a toonie in my wallet and no loonies ).

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