Trying to get organized to become #crafty

Last week, I mentioned I had created lists for crafts and activities to do with the kids. I’m not a crafty person but honestly, Pinterest has actually inspired me to think I may be able to handle some crafts. Even bought my first container of Mod Podge (was a bit thrown off that there are different types, but I’ll fumble my way through)! So, if I show any crafts here, I can guarantee you that anyone can do them!

I wanted to have pretty containers for my lists of crafts and activities so the kids and I went to the dollar store and found 4 boxes we liked (ok, I liked…my daughter picked out some really brightly coloured ones with a very strange pattern – I just couldn’t imagine myself looking at them all the time).  We bought:

  • 4 same-sized boxes
  • scrapbooking paper (as a non-scrapbooker, of course I don’t have any at home)
  • 2 pages of letter stickers to make sure I had enough letters for all the words I was going to use (I actually had some letter stickers, but in colours that didn’t match the boxes)

I traced the green side of a box that showed under the lid onto the black paper and cut it out. Then I just eyeballed to make it smaller than the side of the box (see, really technical here!), and cut the paper smaller.

I went to add the word “summer” to the paper for that box and encountered a bit of a problem before I even stuck the letter stickers. I have really good spatial awareness, so I realized that they were too big to fit horizontally across the paper. I stood there and looked at the letters, then the paper, back to the letters, back to the paper, cursed the “M” for being so wide, especially when I needed to use two for the word “summer”.  Took me a few minutes (ok, closer to 10 minutes, but I’m new to this!) for me to realize I could put the words on diagonally. So, that’s what I did.

(You would think I would have taken pictures of the word “Summer” in progress, alas, I did not. And clearly I need a better camera…any sponsors? Am willing to test out different ones…hint, hint!)

Then I repeated the same process for all 4 words I’m using to classify the lists: Summer, Rainy, Crafts, Winter.

Then I taped these “cards” onto the four boxes, and voila! I actually did a “craft” of some kind.


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