Rained Out Weekend, So I Created Kid-Related Lists


Mother Nature and I were at odds on the weekend. My original plans included going to local parks, nature walks looking for bugs and insects, a playdate, and going to the outdoor farmer’s market, etc. Basically, being outside most of the weekend. Alas, the rain spoiled that fun. Instead, we had a different playdate as our original one had to reschedule because of illness, going to the library, lots of tickle fights, computer games, iPad time, popcorn and a movie, and some colouring.


I’ll admit that I get very frustrated when Mother Nature foils my plans, primarily because I seem to have missed that class that most (all?) moms have taken where they can instantly come up with crafts to keep the kids happy and busy.


So, I also took advantage of the lazy, indoor weekend and started some lists. What can I say? I may be a SAHM, but I used to work out of the home, in an organizing role…lists are my life!  The lists I’ve now started are:

  • Summer activities
  • Rainy day activities
  • Crafts
  • Activities to do with other kids
  • Winter activities


I have compiled them from many sources I found online, with Google, Pinterest and also some personal moms groups on Facebook. For the record, considering we’re 4 – 5 months from winter showing its ugly head again, it’s a lower priority than the other lists.


I’ve created the lists as label templates so I can cut them and put them in boxes, labeled appropriately. Stay tuned for how I actually created the boxes and the labels.


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