#Divorce to #Wedding, Within 24 Hours

My former neighbour called me a couple weeks ago to let me know I had mail at my old apartment (how wonderful is he?). Finally had a chance to pick it up Friday night and was shocked to find a letter from my lawyer. Enclosed was my Divorce Order, dated March 21st, and that I could contest it within 31 days.

How excited was I to find out that not only my ex had filed for divorce (after bugging me for the last 2 years to file but I didn’t have the extra money to do it), but that the 31 days was up and I was legally divorced??!!!!!  My man has never seen me so excited! There may have been jumping around, screaming with glee, giddiness, laughing, hugging, and just plain going crazy. There may have been a few phone calls to some girlfriends. It may have also taken me 2 hours to calm down enough to actually sit down and eat dinner. But again, all of this may have happened. 😉

The small print I feel I should add here is that I don’t regret marrying my ex-husband because, without him, I wouldn’t have my wonderful children. I do regret how we treated eachother for the last 3 years of being together, and especially how the marriage ended, but all that is in the past now. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option for “Divorced and damn proud of it” on Facebook as a relationship status. I’ve never had so many “Likes” on a personal Facebook status. But I digress…

On Saturday, my man and I went to friends’ of his wedding. He was working (he’s a professional photographer) and also a guest; an interesting combination, but it was fun. I sat in the “audience” during the vows by myself as he was busy taking photos. It was a very surreal experience, watching two people declare their undying love, until the end of their days, while I was so excited to find out the day before that I was finally divorced (the first words out of my mouth that morning to my man may have been “I’m divorced!” instead of “good morning”, but again, that’s another may…).

I was and am happy for the couple, and hope that it will work out for them, but I’ll admit that I was watching their exchange of vows with a little bit of cynicism. I remember how I fully believed my ex-husband and I would be together forever, and I even proudly declared to my girlfriends in the beginning that I was so glad to have “gotten it right the first time”, especially since I was lucky wife number 3 for him (one of those was common-law, but it’s easier to describe as 3 wives).  Fast forward about 3 years into our marriage and things started falling apart, on a slow decline with some happy “blips” along the way for the next 2 years.

I’m sure there will be paperwork I have to sign as I haven’t signed anything yet but, at the end of the day, I’m finally divorced and celebration may be occurring soon…  🙂


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