Hidden Costs of #Autism

Last weekend was a long weekend in Ontario, Canada… “Family Day”. The kids were at their dad’s for the weekend as it was his weekend, so I spent the weekend at my man’s place, sleeping A LOT. It’s been a rough few weeks with my son as he goes through a developmental advancement and is still working on being able to verbally communicate what’s going through his head, and what he’s feeling. 

I came back home on Monday, eagerly waiting for my kids.  I went into the fridge to pull everything out to make a sandwich before they came home.  Saw that there was mold on the container with pumpkin on it and thought, hmmm, that’s strange. I just used that on Thursday when I made pumpkin loaf, so the other half of the container shouldn’t have mold on it yet…it usually takes more than a week to go bad, but I didn’t think much of it.  Started putting together my sandwich (bagel, ham, havarti, sundried tomatoes, in case you were wondering) and realized the havarti and ham smelt “off”. Again, very strange. I had just gone shopping on Thursday to ensure we had a full fridge and I would have everything I needed for the kids’ school lunches on Tuesday. 

Opened the fridge again and noticed a smell. Started touching items, including the Brita filter, etc. Everything was warm. WTH?!!  Then I noticed it…the temperature dial was at 0 instead of 6, which is where it should have been…oh no! My son had turned the fridge off before we all left on Friday. Ugh.  I turned the temperature dial to 6, closed the fridge, exclaiming a few “words” that aren’t PG-friendly, and went to get my kids from their dad. 

After putting the kids to bed, I looked back in the fridge, made sure the temperature was starting to cool and it was. Phew! The fridge wasn’t broken. Then honestly, I just didn’t want to deal with it so I closed the door, did other things like laundry, etc and went to bed…thinking I’ll deal with it in the morning. So, after getting my daughter ready for school, taking my son to IBI Tuesday morning, going grocery shopping for basics that I knew would be spoiled, I went home and tackled the fridge.  Over an hour later, I had 2 garbage bags full to spoiled food that I wasn’t brave enough to even open, a compost bin full, and a nice shiny fridge:


 The only things I felt safe keeping were the bread products and condiments. At first, I kept the hotdogs, but I chickened out and threw them away later in the day too.  Just another example of the hidden costs of Autism. I had just spent more than $100 on groceries before the long weekend which were now ruined.  Tuesday morning I spent another $90 on restocking basics, and yesterday, I filled it more by spending another $125.  My son loves pushing buttons and apparently has now discovered the button in the fridge. Now I need to figure out how to make it inaccessible to him when he has been able to get through every fridge lock I’ve ever tried. Wish me luck!



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