Valentine’s Day Scrooge

I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of a Valentine’s Day Scrooge. Please don’t assume that because I’m no longer married, that’s the reason I’m a Valentine’s Day Scrooge.  I am partnered with a wonderful man.  I just don’t understand Valentine’s Day, and here are some of the questions that run through my head every year:

  • Why are we expected to pay more attention to our significant others on one specific day of the year?  Shouldn’t we be making those we love our priority all the time? Personally, I spoil my kids on Valentine’s Day.
  • Why does society view buying flowers, chocolate, jewellery, and dinner and a show for women as a demonstration of a man’s love for her?
  • Why does it usually rest on the man’s shoulders to prove his love? Are women “not allowed” to be the one to spoil her man?
  • What about same-sex couples? Is there an acceptable “standard” as to who is the one to demonstrate their love?
  • Why do we prioritize relationships over being single? Why is it “better” to be married than single?
  • Why do we forget about the BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT relationship we will always have…the one with ourselves?
  • Biggest question of all…why does everything cost so much more??!!!!

Having said all that, I will admit that I look forward to the day AFTER Valentine’s Day…to break my New Year’s Resolutions with all the chocolate that’s on sale.


One thought on “Valentine’s Day Scrooge

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