Humbled During a Snow Storm

Last Friday was the first day this winter that the school buses were cancelled because of the snow. When I was growing up, my dad taught me how to drive on days when the buses were cancelled but schools were open, so I took the kids to school and IBI therapy. The weather cleared up and, by mid-morning the main roads were quite clear. 

I needed to pick up snowpants for my daughter as she’s outgrown hers so I went to the Salvation Army (call me crazy, but I refuse to pay full price for something she’s going to outgrow in a month!).  I looked around for the snowsuits, found the rack and another woman was there, pulling snowpants from the rack. I joked with her that “great minds think alike”. She asked what size I was looking for. I told her my kids’ sizes, and she started looking through her cart (where she had put many snowpants) and found one that was my son’s size, and gave me that.

I must have had a look on my face as I was surprised at the number of snowpants in her cart.  She laughed and said “I was talking with the school secretary this morning at my kids’ school.  She told me that she felt bad for some of the students because so many of the families couldn’t afford full snowsuits for their children so many of the kids would be cold today.  So I thought I would pick up some snowpants to take to the school before recess.”

I was so humbled by this small encounter with this woman. What a wonderful thing for her to do, to “pay it forward”. How will you “pay it forward” today?



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