Days 21 & 22: Judging & Giving 2nd Chance

Day 21 – Someone you judged by their first impression
I try not to judge people by their first impression but, I am human so it happens every once in a while.  Most first impressions I can get past but, something that leaves me with a bad first impression is when someone has a bad handshake.  I was bought up to believe someone’s handshake says a lot about them, and I have yet to be proven wrong by someone’s handshake. So, when I offer my hand to shake yours, please remember that I am judging you if you have a weak handshake and don’t look me in the eye. 

Day 22 – Someone you want to give a second chance
I can’t think of anyone in particular that I want to give a second chance to…if anything, I give people too many chances.  If someone is no longer in our life, then it means that they ran out of chances with me and/or they didn’t believe in my son’s abilities. 



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