Days 19 & 20 – pestering mind & broken heart

Day 19 – Someone that pesters your mind – good or bad
Hate to admit it but it’s not that much of a surprise…my ex pesters my mind in a bad way.  We both know how to annoy the other, and how to get under eachother’s skin. I’m working on changing how I react to things he does and says, and how I communicate with him, but I know it will take time.

Day 20 – Someone that broke your heart the hardest

I don’t want to be so predictable as to say that my ex broke my heart the hardest, so I won’t….because honestly, he didn’t.  What breaks my heart the most is when people discard my son as stupid and unable to do things because he has AutismMy son is intelligent, happy, affectionate, and once he learns how to interact with the world as he sees it, there will be no stopping him.  The few times people have told me that he needs to be institutionalized is what breaks my heart, rips it out, and stomps all over it.  He is high functioning, especially now that he’s learning how to communicate verbally so don’t tell me that I need to institutionalize him and throw away the key.  He’s my son.  Don’t make me go all mama-bear on you!



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