Day 18 – The person you wish you could be

Simply, I don’t wish that I was someone else.  I am who I am now because of everything I have gone through, whether good or bad.  Don’t get me wrong, there are things I would change about myself, characteristics I wish I could tweak, but overall, my kids are happy, we have a great network of understanding friends and family, and my daughter even tells me regularly that she thinks I’m “the best mom EVER” (only time will tell if she still thinks that when she’s a teenager).

Having said that, I wish I was someone who was more rested, always had a clean sink, caught up on laundry, etc.  Alas, my kids and I live in our home.  So there will be days when there is less carpet than the “carpet” of toys around, I’m sick of not having a dishwasher, and one day both my kids will be potty trained so hopefully there won’t be as much laundry.  Hmmm…so basically, I’m wishing for the day when my kids don’t live at home anymore, but considering my daughter informed me the other day that when she’s “a grown up, and have babies, we’ll live with you mommy, and we can still be one big, happy family”. Love it!  Deal!



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