Day 07 – Letter to your ex


You think you are the “victim” in all of your relationships: with your parents, your siblings, all 3 of your ex-wives, etc.  You believe that your life is the song “My heart will go on” because your heart has been broken so many times and yet you claim to still believe in love.

When things are good in a relationship with you, they are great; when things are bad, they are beyond horrible.  What you don’t understand is that you become a tsunami.  What about the hearts you break?  What about the wake you leave behind you?  What about the destruction you leave in our lives?

I believed all the stories you told me, and now I see the similarities in your relationships, both the good parts and the ends.  You claim to have “snapped”, and yet you have “snapped” at the end of two of your three marriages – I wonder about the first.  I feel bad for your newest partner and her children as I hope they will not be hurt the same way your children have been hurt by your actions, and non-actions.  You seem to be repeating the same patterns over and over and over again, while thinking you are embracing change, that you have learned from your mistakes, that you are empowered, and not repeating the patterns of your childhood. I don’t see change.  I see all the same patterns.

I will no longer allow you to have control over me, my life, my abilities, and my potential.


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