Day 06 – A stranger

Dear Stranger,

Whether or not you become a friend or remain as a stranger is dependent upon you and your acceptance levels.  My kids and I have a very full life, filled with friends, family, love and respect.  I will not tolerate someone in our circle who is not accepting of Autism.  If you want to get to know us and be part of our life, then you will learn about Autism, whether online, at the library, or ask me questions.  I never expect someone who has no experience with Autism to understand, but I really appreciate questions. I will answer anything and no question is dumb.  I take every opportunity possible to educate and increase knowledge about Autism.

I don’t hold grudges towards people who choose to remain as strangers.  If you are willing to accept and learn…we’re crazy (the good kind), happy and loveable, so welcome to our circle!



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