Day 05 – Your dreams


You continue to elude me.  I used to have big dreams related to my career…I knew where I wanted to be in 5, 10, 15 years, etc, and how to get there.  I dreamt about achieving certain professional recognition, by a certain age. 

Having kids changed my focus (for which I will be eternally grateful), and then my son’s diagnosis changed my reality.  It’s time for me to start dreaming again…may even make that a New Year’s Resolution of some kind. 

What I do know is that I DON’T want to dream about a day when there is complete acceptance of Autism (although, that would be an amazing achievement!).  I hope and work towards surrounding the three of us with people who completely accept us, for who we are, not for a diagnosis. 

Compared to before kids, I now have much smaller dreams (although world peace would be lovely!)…I dream of:

  • the day when my son is potty trained (6 years and counting of changing diapers…ugh!)
  • being able to burn candles again
  • having a shower without the kids coming in or at least calling through the bathroom door for something
  • having a full time job outside the home
  • getting a massage
  • hiring a cleaner
  • being allowed to live in a furniture store like Ikea, Pier One or HomeSense (tee hee!)
  • sleeping a full and continuous 8 – 9 hours every single night
  • having someone else put away laundry
  • taking yoga and dance classes again

Wait…is this a wishlist or a list of dreams, or is that the same thing?  I’m not sure.  Although I know it isn’t “right”, and I know I shouldn’t be doing it, my dreams are on hold…at least until my son can function fairly well in a typical world…mind you, candles aren’t expensive so maybe I can make one of my dreams a reality tomorrow…if I remember to get them as our day is pretty packed tomorrow.  Only time will tell I guess.



2 thoughts on “Day 05 – Your dreams

  1. I hear ya! People are all talking about their “word” for 2012, and I’m hearing loads of inspiring words. Mine is still “survive”. A full night of sleep and taking a shower…..dream big mama! I’m with ya there!

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